Two are better than one, right? We think so too. That’s why as two friends with similar photography styles, we decided to merge our businesses. What started out as honestly just what we thought would be more fun, has turned into unintended (but oh so incredible!) business genius.
Every shoot we do not only has the obvious two cameras, but offers our clients two creatives. Two perspectives. Often, one of us will focus on posed photos, while the other snaps candids between takes… which usually end up being everyone’s favorites.
No more waiting to change lenses or batteries. When one of us needs a break, the other is ready to go. (This comes in especially handy when your shoot includes young kids. Or husbands – ha!) 
Bottom line: Together, we are able to maximize every moment of your shoot.


Thank you so much for your interest in our work. If you have not already, please visit our Investment and Session Details pages prior to contacting us as it has lots of information and may answer many of your questions.  Once you are ready to book your session, fill out the form below to reserve your session.

We look forward to connecting with you!